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St. Louis Area City & School District Tuition Assistance

One of our goals at University College is to expand our academic outreach and provide access to high-quality education to a broad and diverse audience in the St. Louis region. We have a responsibility to contribute to the social, cultural, and economic health of the communities around us. One way to do that is to provide special educational opportunities for people whose work is central to the fabric of those communities and impacts many lives in important and powerful ways. 

University College offers classes at a reduced rate to city employees, public safety officers, and public school teachers and staff: half the standard University College tuition, which already provides a very affordable path to a Washington University degree. 

City Employee Tuition Assistance

Eligible city employees working full-time are invited to take classes at University College in Arts and Sciences at Washington University at one-half the University College tuition rate. Eligible city employees include:

School District Teachers and Staff Tuition Assistance

Teachers and staff in eligible St. Louis school districts may enroll for credit in most University College courses at one-half the University College tuition rate.* This discount cannot be combined with the WUSTL tuition benefit, University College scholarships or military benefits. Documentation confirming eligibility must be remitted prior to registration. Eligible school districts include:

* Exceptions include Applied Music, Independent Courses (i.e. Independent Study, Directed Research, Master's Thesis), Special Programs (i.e. M.S. Biology for Science Teachers, DLA), and courses in which enrollment is limited.