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The Concentration in Public Policy and Administration is ideal for students interested in careers in public and community service, government, or other organizations that design and implement public policies. Well-suited for students majoring in Political Science, Economics, Managerial Economics, Anthropology, History, Communications, Journalism, Sustainability, Global Leadership and Management, International Studies, or Health Care, it will benefit all students who wish to work in the public arena and address questions associated with health care, education, urban affairs, labor, poverty, and the environment, to name a few.

Students should be familiar with economics and statistics concepts, either from knowledge based on previous background or experience or gained by coursework in the following courses:

  • Introduction to Political Economy: Microeconomics (U07 103)
  • Introduction to Political Economy: Macroeconomics (U07 104)
  • an Introductory Statistics course

Students focusing on public policy generally include quantitative and research courses in their selections. Students focusing on public administration choose courses that provide skills in day-to-day management of public sector operations. Please contact your advisor if you have questions and to select appropriate courses for your program.

This concentration may only be pursued in combination with a bachelor’s degree program in University College. To declare a concentration in Public Policy, students will need to discuss adding the concentration with their advisor.


Our advisors go the extra mile to help you navigate your path and needs. We will provide you with the tools to make each moment spent on your education as valuable as possible. Students will receive:

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  • career planning services to prepare you for opportunities after graduation;
  • a partner throughout your journey to ensure success.

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required course work

Students must complete Introduction to Public Policy (U25 382) and 12 units of additional course work, at least 6 units of which must be at the 300- or 400-level.

Required Courses: 3 units

  • U25 382 Introduction to Public Policy
Additional Courses: 12 units

6 of these 12 units must be at the 300- or 400-level and selected from the list below (other courses allowed with approval).

  • Local Economic Development & Public Policy (U07 3153)
  • Environmental Economics (U07 355)
  • Econometric Techniques (U07 414)
  • Urban Economics (U07 4601)
  • Environmental Law: Applications toward Sustainability (U19 328)
  • Introduction to Environmental Policy (U25 2010)
  • Power, Justice & the City (U25 2011)
  • Environmental & Energy Issues (U25 3312)
  • Law, Politics & Society (U25 358)
  • Topics in Public Policy (U25 469)
  • Business & Public Policy (U44 334)
  • Leadership for Organizational Success (U44 305)
  • Healthcare Reform & Policy (U86 355)
  • One Environmental Policy course:
    • Introduction to Environmental Policy (U25 2010)
    • Environmental Policy (U07 4511)
  • One Ethics course:
    • Business Ethics (U22 234)
    • Environmental Ethics (U22 2350)
    • Biomedical Ethics (U22 233)
  • One Statistics course:
    • Economic Statistics (U07 231)
    • Applied Statistics (U07 205)
  • One GIS course:
    • Introduction to GIS (U90 200)
    • Public Health Applications of GIS (U90 425)
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