Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research Management


The Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research Management is designed for students in the early stages of a career in clinical research, as well as more experienced individuals such as investigators, coordinators, or sponsor representatives who want to expand their knowledge and skills in the field.

The program lays a foundation in principles and applications from the basic sciences, and then covers in greater depth the processes necessary in the management of studies that develop drugs, devices, and treatment protocols for patient care.

This customized undergraduate program focuses on the scientific methods of clinical research, good clinical practice, research ethics, and the regulatory guidelines that protect human subjects - all integral components of clinical trial management in academic research or pharmaceutical industry settings.

required course work

Required Core Courses: 38 units

All University College undergraduate students must satisfy the same general-education requirements. Requirements specific to the BS in Clinical Research Management include:

  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology I with lab (U29 322)
  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology II with lab (U29 323)
  • Principles of Biology I with lab (U29 101)
  • Principles of Biology II with lab (U29 102)
  • Concepts in Chemistry (U05 1001)
  • Introduction to Microbiology with lab (U29 305)
  • Developmental Psychology (U09 322)
  • Biomedical Ethics (U29 206) OR Biomedical Ethics (U22 233)
  • Health Psychology (U09 358)
  • Leadership for Organizational Success (U44 305)

*Authorized credit for selected Required and Career-Related courses, including transfer credit for these courses, will apply to General Education categories.

Career Related Courses: 21 units

  • Fundamentals of Clinical Research Management I (U80 250)
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Research Management II (U80 251)
  • Pharmacology for Clinical Research (U80 353)
  • Research Ethics and Regulatory Affairs (U80 325)
  • Business of Clinical Research (U80 430)
  • Introduction to Data and Information Management in Health Sciences (U80 318)
  • Practicum/Capstone (U80 350)

admissions requirements

6 units of transferrable college-level course work
  • At least six units of transferrable college-level course work; or 
  • at least six units of course work taken at University College and proof of high school completion or GED.
2.7 minimum GPA

application requirements

Below is a list of requirements for an application to the undergraduate degree in Clinical Research Management. Applications will be reviewed once all requirements are received.

Completed application form

The online application is available online on our Apply page. Applications are ready for review when all fields on the application form are completed, required documents have been received, and the application fee is paid.


Official or unofficial (student-issued) copies of transcripts from the three most recent years of college-level work. If you have fewer than 6-units of transferable credit, proof of high school completion or GED must be submitted.

International Students must submit an official transcript from their school and an official evaluation of all previous college-level work.

Personal Essay

Tell us about yourself in a brief essay (about 250 words). Why are you applying to University College? What are your goals, both academic and professional? Is there additional information we should know about you when considering your application?

TOEFL scores (if applicable)

If you are not a U.S. citizen, official TOEFL scores must be forwarded to University College.

Graduates of a U.S. university or college or Canada, Australia, and U.K. residents are exempt if they have earned a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree from such college or university.

$35 application fee

You may pay by credit card online, or via check or money order payable to Washington University in St. Louis. You may also pay the fee by cash at the University College office. 

This fee is waived for all WashU staff.

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