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Find out the answers to the most commonly asked continuing education questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our students are St. Louis. From the 25-year-old public relations professional in pursuit of a graduate degree, to the 45-year-old mother finishing her college degree, to the executive expanding his knowledge about international relations, we provide continuing education options for ambitious and curious minds of all ages.

No matter where you are on your academic path, we understand the process can sometimes be daunting or confusing so we thought we'd clue you in on the facts. Explore common questions about University College below.

There's a degree for my busy schedule?


University College courses are offered during the evening, online, and over the summers to fit your busy schedule. Whether you want to take one class for special interest or pursue a graduate degree, our curriculum is designed to be flexible.

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Can I take a course without applying to a degree program?


Our open enrollment policy allows you to take evening courses on a non-degree basis without applying for a program.

  • Courses may be taken for professional advancement, in preparation for application to a degree or certificate program, or for personal enrichment.
  • Courses may be taken on a pass/fail, audit, or credit basis.
  • Includes special enrollment types such as Visiting Undergraduate, Graduate-At-Large, and Special Audit.
  • Not eligible for federal financial aid, scholarships, grants, or other funding sources.
  • No application required.

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Are your programs/courses really affordable?


At University College, a world-class education is within your reach. You’ll find tuition rates that are more affordable than other private colleges and universities in the St. Louis area. Our opportunities for financial assistance–including federal and state grants and loans, merit and need-based scholarships, payment plans, and employee tuition reimbursement–can help make the leap more manageable for your budget. 

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Adult students are eligible for scholarships?


Just because you're an adult student doesn't mean you cannot apply for scholarships! Students who are enrolled in both degree and select certificate programs can be eligible for scholarships.

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Will I earn a WashU degree?


We are the professional and continuing education division of Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. When you graduate from University College, you earn a Washington University degree.

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You offer bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degree programs?


At University College, we're committed to bringing the highest quality academic programs to students looking to continue their education in the St. Louis area. When you're ready, so are we.

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Is it really a personal experience?


We know life is busy. That’s why our faculty and staff are here to work with you on a personal level to ensure your transition back to school is as smooth as possible. Starting with our advisors, we take the time to get to know you and tailor a program to fit your needs and your schedule.

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Will I have access to the same learning resources as a traditional WashU student?


Nothing should get in the way of your education. That's why we've created a database for available resources, so you spend less time on paperwork and more time building your future.

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