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January Hall Renovations are Complete


Constructed in 1922, January Hall housed the School of Law from the mid-1920s until the completion of the Seeley Mudd Law Building in the early 1970s. Today, this formerly tiered lecture hall is an interactive lab where students use state-of-the-art technology to collaborate on projects and share knowledge.

Constructed in 1922, Grace Vallé January Hall housed the School of Law from the mid-1920s until the 1970s and hadn’t seen many updates throughout the years. Since the 1970s, January Hall has been the home of University College, the professional and continuing education division at Washington University.

Isabel Vallé January, wife of Robert S. Bookings, named January Hall after her mother, Grace. In 1919, Isabel inherited the family fortune when her mother died, and she gifted the building to Washington University as a memorial to her.

When January Hall reopened in the fall of 2018 after renovations, the interior included a redesigned dean’s suite, pooled classroom, and updated offices. It now houses the Dean’s Office, Summer School and advising appointments for University College.

“This renovation, along with the acquisition of other new office space, reflects a commitment to the mission of continuing education and coincides with the expanding outreach of University College and the development of exciting new academic programs,” said Mark Rollins, dean of University College.