At Washington University in St. Louis, University College offers professional and continuing education to adult students seeking to earn a degree at a
world-class institution.

WashU’s Covid-19 Response ≫

Chancellor Martin’s State of the University address, including remarks from Dean Sean Armstrong on the reimagining of University College.
Joel Pugh

Political Science student, Joel Pugh, recently sat down with us to discuss how he was able to go back to school at Washington University as a working adult.

Shonda Gray

What is it like to be a working adult in the Master of Liberal Arts program? We recently sat down with alumna, Shonda Gray, to talk about how she balanced her workload as a working professional at WashU’s University College.

Terri Williams

We sat down with alumna, Terri Williams, who recently discussed her experience of going back to school to get her graduate degree as a working adult at WashU’s University College.

Michelle Ellis

Alumna Michelle Ellis sat down with us to discuss her experience of returning to school later in life to pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science at Washington University’s University College.