Bachelor of Science in Communications


The Bachelor of Science in Communications focuses on theories and applications of communications—organizational, interpersonal, cultural, political, and social. Required core courses build a foundation in communications theory, history, ethics, law, technology, and business. Students also select a concentration for greater professional focus in one of the following areas: Integrated Marketing Communications or Public Affairs.

The program's core courses and concentration options represent the breadth and depth associated with the study of Communications, and they define this field as an important standard of a liberal arts education.

The program also emphasizes integration across academic disciplines and industry functions, and it provides the opportunity to analyze and implement communications and leadership skills in a range of organizational settings, media relations roles, and social or political advocacy functions in a changing and complex media environment.

    required course work

    Required Core Courses: 18 units

    All University College undergraduate students must satisfy the same general-education requirements. Requirements specific to the BS in Communications include:

    • Writing for Business Communications (U48 203)
    • Foundations of Communications (U48 234)
    • Strategic and Integrated Communications (U48 262)
    • Communications Technology and New Media (U48 378)
    • Communications Ethics and Law (U48 4160)
    • The Business of Communications (U48 381)
    Concentration in Integrated Marketing Communications or Public Affairs: 12 units

    Integrated Marketing Communications Concentration
    Integrated Marketing Communications is the coordination and integration of all aspects of marketing communications such as advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling, and social media to present and reinforce a brand’s core image. Courses include:

    • Required: Public Relations (U48 350)
    • Electives: 9 units of advanced level course work in Communications, Business, Journalism, others with approval.

    Public Affairs Concentration
    Public Affairs is the relationship among individuals or groups for the purpose of influencing public policy, building and maintaining a strong reputation, and finding common ground with stakeholders. Courses include:

    • Required: Reputation Management (U48 372)
    • Electives: 9 units of advanced level related course work in Business, Political Science, Journalism, others with approval.
    Internship or Independent Study: 3 units

    Elective Courses: 12 units

    • Professional Writing, Speaking, and Presentation (U11 324)
    • Copy Editing (U48 3451)
    • Media Literacy (U48 368)
    • Global Communications (U48 367)
    • Leadership for Organizational Success (U44 305)
    • Market Research and Communications Strategies (U48 305)
    • International Management: Leadership Across Cultures (U44 330)
    • Strategic Planning (U44 364)
    • Advanced Website Design and Development (U48 318)
    • Marketing Concepts (U44 270)
    • Systems Thinking and Decision Analysis (U44 358)
    • Contemporary Organization Development (U44 375)
    • International Marketing (U44 347)
    • Social Entrepreneurship (U44 410)
    • Entrepreneurship (U44 232)
    • Organizational Psychology (U09 314)

    admissions requirements

    6 units of transferrable college-level course work
    • At least six units of transferrable college-level course work; or 
    • at least six units of course work taken at University College and proof of high school completion or GED.
    2.7 minimum GPA

    application requirements

    Below is a list of requirements for an application to the undergraduate degree in Communications. Applications will be reviewed once all requirements are received.

    Completed application form

    The online application is available online on our Apply page. Applications are ready for review when all fields on the application form are completed, required documents have been received, and the application fee is paid.


    Official or unofficial (student-issued) copies of transcripts from the three most recent years of college-level work. If you have fewer than 6-units of transferable credit, proof of high school completion or GED must be submitted.

    International Students must submit an official transcript from their school and an official evaluation of all previous college-level work.

    Personal Essay

    Tell us about yourself in a brief essay (about 250 words). Why are you applying to University College? What are your goals, both academic and professional? Is there additional information we should know about you when considering your application?

    TOEFL scores (if applicable)

    If you are not a U.S. citizen, official TOEFL scores must be forwarded to University College.

    Graduates of a U.S. university or college or Canada, Australia, and U.K. residents are exempt if they have earned a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree from such college or university.

    $35 application fee

    You may pay by credit card online, or via check or money order payable to Washington University in St. Louis. You may also pay the fee by cash at the University College office. 

    This fee is waived for all WashU staff.

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